Game On!

United Games is about to release the next explosive Mobile App. This Fall the Former Art Director for EA Sports (Mark Mongie) and United Games will release the world’s first Interactive Mobile Sports App free to the general public.

Mark Mongie led the development team that was responsible for creating the popular video games Madden Football, Thunder and NASCAR.

The initial launch of this revolutionary Sports App will be focused on NFL Football with plans to immediately follow by adding MLS Soccer, NBA, European Soccer, NHL with more sports to follow.

This Interactive Mobile Sports App will allow you to play LIVE while you watch your favorite sports Team. During the game you will be asked questions like “Who will win the coin toss”, “Will the Team score on this possession” and so on. For every correct answer you make you will earn points. These “Life Time Achievement Points” can be redeemed for REAL prizes such as Hats, Shirts, Jerseys, Electronics, Trips and even NEW AUTOMOBILES.

The Sports App

FREE Download, Play for FREE, Interactive “LIVE” Play, Responsive Design, Win Prizes and many more premium features.


Play For Free, Earn Points by Sharing the FREE App with Friends & Family, Win Real Prizes, and much more.

Become an Affiliate

Earn CASH by signing up Players, Unlimited Earning Potential, Robust Backend to chart Players, Free Sales Tools & Support, and much more.

Player and Affiliate Registration by Invitation Only

Currently the only way to Register for United Games as a Player or Affiliate is by Invitation Only. Please select the appropriate button below to participate in the worlds 1St Interactive Mobile Sports App.

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